Amazing Outdoor Stair Treads

No matter what you want to put the finishing touches to a new deck or replace an existing staircase, build outdoor stair treads is as easy as following the method used by carpenters to design and cut stairs with equitable measures, firm structures and of any length. With the basics of geometry, common tools and [...]

aluminum patio covers deisgn

Create your own aluminum patio covers for the yard gives you the freedom to choose the thickness and color, to match your home. The materials required for all covered courtyard include aluminum foils, poles, supporting beams and framework, as well as screws and sealant. The hardware needed for the house will depend on the method [...]

Backyard Fire Pits Ideas

Few things bring more fun at a party or a family reunion evening outdoor fire to roast marshmallows or illuminating tall tales and campfire skits. Backyard fire pits make this possible. Proper care in selecting a safe site and the creation of appropriate barrier around the area of ​​the fire provides years of enjoyment of [...]

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Image

Backyard fire pit ideas present a winning alternative to spend your money on an electric grill or gas. Consider materials such as brick, stone, rock, recycled plastic lumber or metal. Find materials in the yard or in a salvage yard instead of investing money in kit design business. Southern Living suggests a way to avoid [...]